Flower Print, 100% Silk Head Scarf: OFF WHITE


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Our large, Unique 100% Silk Scarves were designed and made in India, we pride on providing the best quality. Our beautiful scarves will keep your hair in place, whether it be at bedtime, while you workout, or even while worn under those hats that rub and pull at your hairline. Unlike cotton, polyester, and bonnets, our Unique 100% S Scarves don’t rub out your edges, break off your hair, or cause your hair to dry out. They give your hair natural shine and once removed you will love how your hair looks, as if you never slept on it!
Size: 39” square
We recommend that you use our Unique Scarves everyday at bedtime to avoid breakage and shedding of your hair so that you can do your part to maintain a healthy head of hair.
Try our 100% Satin Sham pillow cases, they protect your lashes from shedding and protect your hair if your Scarf comes off at night while you sleep.

Care Instructions: wash by hand 1x every week and allow to air dry.

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