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Que, the Weaveologist and Stylist

Quandra Johnson (Que) is the Owner and Lead Stylist at Unique Hair Experience Salon. Que has over 20 years of industry experience in helping women from all social classes achieve their individual beauty goals. In addition to being an experienced cosmetologist, Que also functions as a Certified Trichologist and Hair Practitioner, whom specializes in extension installs, hair and scalp care. Building atop a multidisciplinary foundation, Que incorporates her love for photography, education, and mentorship to all whom enlist the services she provides. Que has a unique passion for beauty that is displayed in every creation, which is clear in her attention to detail and innovation that is synonymous with her love for the craft.

Que has been styling hair since the of the age of thirteen. The opportunity to become an assistant braider at a full-service hair salon is where her love for hair care began. Que makes a continuous effort to promote hair care, in doing so, she prioritizes a consultation with all clients. This is an essential part of the process to develop a holistic approach and customized treatment regimens for every client. The Unique Hair Experience is one that culminates with the feeling of a luxurious spa treatment that aligns clients with mental relaxation and good atmosphere. Que is a true proponent for client education, therefore empowering each client with the knowledge on upkeep between salon visits. Though the Unique Hair Experience is memorable, it is imperative that clients fully understand that healthy hair care should continue beyond her purple chair.

Twenty years in the hair care industry has not gone without a plethora of acquired knowledge. Que is an advocate for education to stay proficient on perishable skillsets. Que continues to take several classes to improve on a strong knowledge base, obtaining both licensure and certifications along the way. Education has enhanced her understanding in a broad spectrum of hair types and textures. However, she stays staunch in her decision to only service natural or transitioning clients. Que believes knowledge is power and education is key to healthy hair. Utilizing advanced courses and seminars, Que has been able to stay on the pulse of new techniques, health caution options, trends, and products, servicing a vastly diverse client base.

Que’s knowledge for hair care allows for the healing process to begin from the inside out. She addresses nutritional, lifestyle, health and medical factors that can drastically affect the body, scalp, and hair. Among other skills, she specializes in hair restoration for clients suffering from several forms of Alopecia, Consistent Dandruff, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, other scalp maladies: scalp care, hair care, a myriad of weave install techniques, cutting, custom glueless machine made hair cranial prosthesis (wig hair units) for clients with and without alopecia, hair color, natural hair, and natural hair styling techniques. Que has traveled to other countries such as India to develop business relationships with companies so that she can supply the best hair extensions, satin/silk scarves, pillowcases, and hair care products for her customers. Que also traveled to Tanzania, Africa for her photography company to gain exposure, develop relationships, learn about the culture, and to further her knowledge and education on photography.


UniQue Hair Experience

Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. We strongly believe that establishing a lasting stylist/ client relationship is critical to maintaining and retaining healthy gorgeous hair! We are committed to meeting those needs and giving each client a personalized service including eduction on their scalp and hair care needs. We work very hard and diligently to customize a treatment, hairstyle or weave to fit you. We offer our services by appointment only and each appointment is on a one on one basis. This will ensure that each client scalp and hair receives the love and attention it needs. When you come in we are ready to meet your needs.

All of our stylist at UniQue Hair Experience strive to stay at the top of this industry and continue to enhance our skills through ongoing education, seminars, and one-on-one training sessions with top industry professionals. We are certified in haircare, extension installs, cutting, and coloring. Come get the UniQue Hair Experience for yourself!

The UniQue Hair Experience overall mission is to empower women with the knowledge and skills necessary to embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and self-efficacy, hereby increasing confidence which will enable women to feel good about themselves resulting in them making wise choices that will enhance their quality of life.


Beautiful Hair

UniQue Hair Experience has always aimed to offer our clients the best hair possible for beautiful, long lasting, natural looking weave installs.

UniQue Hair Experience is an distributor of Adore J’atore Hair Collection which is the ultimate source for 100% Raw Virgin Indian  human hair extensions. All of their products are of extraordinary quality and our customers can be satisfied with knowing that they are receiving the best hair that India has to offer! 

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