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If a service you would like to schedule is not shown, please contact the salon to schedule.
(410) 635-1056

Scheduling Directions

Please note that available times for bookings are highlighted in purple on the calendar. If a date shows a gray box, all available appointments are booked for that day. Our booking systems will not overlap current booked services with new bookings, and it will not book appointments where the time will extend beyond our salon hours. For example, you can not book a 240 minute service starting at 5PM, because the time required for that service will extend beyond our closure hours.

Step 1: Select the desired date for your appointment
Step 2: Scroll down to the service you would like to book, and select one of the available time slots. If a time slot is not available for that day, please select a different day.
Step 3: Select the date and time button and continue on to the deposit form.

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