I must say that hands down my experience at the UniQue Hair Experience with Que as my stylist was a great one. You can tell that Que is really passionate about her work and it showed through the time and dedication that she put into my hair. But one thing that sets her apart from many other stylist is that she not only made sure i liked my hair, instead she made sure that i walked away in love with my hair and that is something that u can’t get from many other hairstylist. So i would like to recommend Que to all the woman out there who want a stylist that puts the client first and makes them feel good and look good.

Michone Todd

The level of service at The UniQue Hair Experience is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you


The key to any good weave is sewing technique and quality hair. Que possesses both of these qualities. Her technique allows you to wear your hair in multiple styles with out lumps, which gives it a natural appearance. She also treats your hair and gets it to a healthy state. She sells quality hair which saves you tons of money in the long run because the hair is reusable. I am very satisfied with her work and my investment, and I recommend her to all my friends and family.


I loved my experience! I really do appreciate that you gave me my confidence back in my hair again! Girl the pictures had me like I know I wasn't crazy about my hair it was a mess!!


So many of my coworkers love my hair. 3 have asked me if you would travel to St. Thomas? And they are serious. Have you ever consider this? Would you consider this?


I was suffering with scalp tenderness and super dry hair for years to the point where I could hardly wear a ponytail. I got the scalp treatment and the steam treatment my hair is still shining weeks after and I’m still getting compliments on how healthy my hair looks. Scalp tenderness is gone!!!!! Quandra knows hair care and will give you exactly what your looking for plus more. I couldn’t remember all the bomb treatments I received but she definitely got it going on.


Thanks so much for the precise care my mother received at your salon. She came in thinking that she would have to just live with thinning hair and left with a renewed since of self. When she came in she received complete scalp analysis treatments for thinning hair and education. She keeps telling me how comfortable she was. You’re so much more than a stylist

Mrs. Addo 

My extension experience with Que was amazing. It was relatively quick, and I felt completely comfortable along the way. She knew what she was doing, and gave me tips to properly maintain my Indian hair. The Unique Weave is by far the best weave I have had since I was on America’s Next Top Model, and I have had my share! Now I don’t have to worry about seeing any tracks when the wind blows and I can enjoy a weave that is extremely Flat, and looks real! Thank you Que

Isis King
(America’s Next Top Model)

I have had several weaves and tried different types of hair. Each experience has not been pleasant. I have had hair loss and thinning in the past. However, I was completely satisfied with the placement of my extensions and the texture of the Indian Hair. I would highly recommend Que and I will definitely be a regular customer.

Dr. P. Barnes

I just wanted to share my amazing experience I had with Que, owner of Unique Hair Experience Salon . She was on time, very knowledgeable, great environment, amazing service and good location. I listed the services I received, I left feeling amazing. I highly recommend booking her. #Selfcare #SupportBlackBusinesses Intense steam massage treatment, aquatic intense mist Protein and secret potion moisture treatment for my hair and beard, grey coverage treatment, defined my curls, activated charcoal facial steam treatment.


First I want to tell you that I’ve never in my 39 years have taken braids out of my head and my hair didn’t feel like straw. My hair is still soft and I don’t have those little dirt balls at the root, I can’t believe it!! Thanks so much Que!


Wow!! The transformation is unbelievable!! I had so much dead hair! Thank You so much!! I appreciate the time and care and hair tips that you gave. Omg!!! I really love my hair!!! Your customer service was everything too!!! Thanks again.


Que is a very talented hair stylist. Before I started to go to her my hair was very damaged and broken off, since I’ve been going to her my hair has grown thick and healthy. She does the flattest and most natural weaves that are completely undetectable. She has done my install 3 times and I love it more and more!


Since I started getting weaves my natural hair has really grown. I was very Skeptical about getting a weave because I have severe alopecia and didn’t think it was possible for a sew-in. I’ve been either turned down by other stylist or disappointed. I thought glue and wigs were my only option until I met Que and not only did she make my hair healthy and beautiful, she made me feel beautiful about my hair!”


Ive had several weaves by several different people and there was always something I didn’t like, like edges popping , hair breaking off, stylist not being on time, or not showing up at all and most importantly the weave being extremely too tight. Ive NEVER experienced any dissatisfaction from your services. When I started coming to you my hair was broken off and damaged and you got it growing healthy. Your professionalism is just one of the many reasons I continue to return. You always make sure Im satisfied before I exit your chair and if there is a problem you have no problem fixing it. My hair always looks natural never wigish. I will recommend you to my family and friends anytime Thanks a bunch!!


He absoulutely loveeeeessss my hair and girl my phone is blowing up for your information!


Que, sorry for the late text I just wanted to update you on my scalp progress, I washed my hair for the first time today since seeing you last week and my scalp has been doing so much better! I used the Acv before wash, followed by Acv shampoo and my scalp has been feeling good.. hopefully i can get back in with you by Dec-Jan..


They say “self care is the best care” and baby were they RIGHT!!! Today, after booking my appointment 3 months ago, I was blessed to sit in Quandra’s purple chair! The education, time and service she provided was worth the wait! From looking at my hair she was able to confirm what the doctors and my friend told me years ago. I am anemic, I need to increase my iron and change some things on the inside. Seeing the videos and picture of my head made me want to cry. Thanks again for everything.


So, I would gently pull on my hair and it would literally come out in hand fulls. It’s growing, yet shedding and itching out of control. I wanted to get my hair braided, Thank God I didn’t. I been noticed that my girl Quandra specializes in scalp detox and haircare, but I kept putting it off. I finally gave her a call .. I was also shown before detox and after detox videos of my Hair Analysis .. when I tell my scalp feel sooo good..


Quandra thank you soooo much for your amazing services today!! You’re a gift to this world!! So patient, kind, and Resourceful!!! Ladies take care of your scalp and body!!! Check her out!!! She removed 8 years of product build up and gave me a head to toe holistic eval!!! #2021 #healthyfromtheinsideout #selfcare


The Que experience was simply amazing, I suffer from scalp dermatitis and psoriasis. Que was so knowledgeable and took extremely good care of me and my scalp. When she was done my scalp felt and looked like a whole new scalp. If you haven’t experienced her scalp detox therapy then you need to go see her! She don’t just do your hair, she also will educate you as well as treat your hair, she is amazing and a sweetheart. Thanks again Que!

Mrs. Young   

It was the most relaxing experience I ever had. I suffer from sinuses very badly. After the first treatment, my sinuses opened up. My sleep was the best I had in months. I also enjoyed the owner’s knowledge of her trade. I look forward to my next visit.


I’ve always been skeptical about weaves. For the longest time I thought weaves were not for me. Que hooked me up with a flawless weave that looks beautiful and is surprisingly low maintenance. She uses high quality products and has a professional charm that keeps loyal customers coming back for her stylistic touch

Dr. Michelle Z 

I’ve always been skeptical about weaves. For the longest time I thought weaves were not for me. Que hooked me up with a flawless weave that looks beautiful and is surprisingly low maintenance. She uses high quality products and has a professional charm that keeps loyal customers coming back for her stylistic touch

Michelle S.

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